Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit organization. No NGO can attain its objective of serving the community and its purpose without a devoted team of volunteers. Volunteers not only carry the organization’s ideals within them, but also spread the message far and beyond, sensitizing the society towards the cause. They become the brand ambassadors of the NGO.
We, at Resourceful Education Foundation (REF), believe that unless the civil society is proactively involved in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. We have faith in collaboration, and together we can achieve much more.
Volunteers should be committed to and abide by the core values and principles of REF. They are expected to act with integrity and respect, to take commitment seriously and perform tasks with sincerity. Volunteers need to identify with our vision and mission.
We need volunteers in large numbers. This is an opportunity to share your talent and expertise with young students, develop your interpersonal skills and make a real difference to the lives of young underprivileged students.
Volunteers can be anyone aged 21 years or above, with qualification suiting the particular role, and interest in social work. They can work part time or full time, or even work from home, provided they remain focused on the NGO work.
Volunteers will be compensated for their help and support as per our set criteria.Volunteer opportunities are available in different areas. You can join our mission and get associated with us in a role that best matches your interest, skills and time so that we have the right talent at right place.

Community Outreach

These are field volunteers who reach out to the target community and identify the right candidates among the underprivileged students for financial assistance to pursue college education. They will ascertain their true economic condition and intellectual potential for success through higher education. They identify schools and colleges in their area of operation to work with. They will coordinate with students, parents and teachers, carry out background checks and return reports and recommendations for financial assistance from REF. These volunteers also have to travel across lesser developed parts of cities, villages and tribal areas.

Campaign Volunteers

A campaign volunteer is responsible for spreading the objective of REF and creating awareness on importance of higher education of high-intellect youth from underprivileged sections of society. Keeping this as objective volunteers should approach individuals and business professionals, and various organizational groups including societies, social and cultural organizations, corporate groups, alumni associations, other associations, professional and other networks, and so on, for them to provide financial help and get associated with REF. Volunteers are also required to approach the social welfare department and its various offices managed by Government of Maharashtra.

Fundraising Volunteer

These volunteers are responsible to identify and develop fundraising plans and strategies. They also need to create fundraising pitch presentations for the organization, to help in networking, to provide social media strategy for developing long-term relationships and to create long-lasting impressions with all the donors. Word-of-mouth publicity is still one of the best forms of advertising by which these volunteers can spread the objective of REF through personal interaction and increase the fundraising opportunities to meet the organization goals.

Program Volunteer

These volunteers are responsible to coordinate with the organization leaders and working team to understand how programs function and ensure that they adhere to the guidelines of the organization with minimal training. These volunteers also create templates and build a complete monitoring and evaluation system for support-related activities. They need to be sufficiently tech savvy to build and maintain digital platforms including social media.

Join Us As Volunteer

Interested volunteers may fill in the form available on this website and post it to our email address: info@resourcefuleducationfoundation.com Candidates may also call our office at Pune between 10 AM and 6 PM on 020-29709435 / 7499918171 / 7499918172.

Resourceful Education Foundation is always ready to give you a space where you can explore how best to contribute to the society. We invite people from all walks of life to become volunteers at India’s progressive Education Foundation. You could be a part of REF as:

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