Resourceful Education Foundation bags honours at World CSR Day Congress and Awards

The Resourceful Education Foundation (REF), an NGO based in Wakad, Pune was awarded for Education and Learning at the World CSR Day Congress and Awards ceremony held at Taj Lands End, Bandra, Mumbai on 18th Feb. 2020.
The World CSR Day Congress and Awards were presented by ET NOW at a glittering ceremony held with top speakers from all around the globe.
The REF was in the nomination category for the Organizational Awards and emerged the winner for Education and Learning. The Resourceful Education Foundation gained recognition based on the outreach and achievements of the NGO within a short period.
The Resourceful Education Foundation (REF), an NGO founded by Mr Amarpal Singh, Alumni of IIM, Bangalore has made landmark contributions to society within two years. “ I am extremely pleased and honoured that our NGO has been felicitated on such a big platform like the World CSR Day Congress and Awards. I like to thank Dr R L Bhatia, Chief Editor and Founder of World CSR Day for having created such a magnanimous platform to felicitate and showcase NGOs,” said Mr Amarpal Singh on an emotional

“This award will boost the energy of the team of our organization. I would like to dedicate this award to all our wellwishers, donors and college heads who have been very supportive in our work,” said Dr Rotash Kanwar, Director REF.
The Resourceful Education Foundation, NGO, was incorporated on April 23, 2018, based in Wakad, Pune. The NGO has rapidly picked up pace since then and helped underprivileged deserving students to reach their goal. The REF has tightened the grip on education for all by further supporting governments endeavour by focussing on underprivileged students and CSR funds utilization.

Underprivileged students aspiring to continue studying after completion of 12th Std. stagnated due to financial crisis. REF rescued these brilliant underprivileged students from the clutches of poverty and uncertainty.
The REF has dared to touch the most crucial stretch in students journey towards making his or her career. On completion of Std. XII exams underprivileged students who have no means for funding their dream career are compelled to drop out.
The Resourceful Education Foundation has stepped in at this junction in the student’s life to uphold their dream of higher education. The Resourceful Education Foundation has gained attention as an alternative agency in promoting higher education, awareness, change and development in society. The REF is extensively involved in promoting further education for all underprivileged students.
The REF has an efficient and participatory service delivery systems, that has been instrumental in promoting and supporting higher education of underprivileged students.
Our NGOs inherent strengths are – willingness to work in remote areas, ability to set in motion participatory process in identification of the need, the design and implementation of programmes, the readiness to mobilize and use local resources, a non-hierarchical approach in working with people, cost-effective service delivery, freedom from red tape, freedom to innovate and progress.
The REF works on a different platform. The NGO focused on grey patches in the education sector and played the role of a catalyst in promoting higher education. The REFs focus is on underprivileged students who have completed XII Std. education but for lack of finance are forced to drop out from pursuing further studies.
REF sponsored Rs. 2614793 to support such needy students and got their admissions secured for courses like Hotel Management, Engineering, Biotechnology, Medical, Electronics and Telecommunication, BSc, Biotechnology, etc.

Today higher education is expensive and only the privileged class of society seek admission into good institutes. REF swung into action and extended help to about 150 underprivileged students. The beneficiaries since then have been on the rise.

The objective in forming REF was to help the underprivileged students by providing them financial aid for their hostel and college fees. Helping such deprived students stand on their legs is the main objective of our NGO.

The REF has helped the underprivileged students of College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) with the financial aid of Rs 1458750 (Fourteen lakhs, Fifty-eight Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty). These 20 students had no hopes of further education as they faced a financial crisis due to unfortunate circumstances.

We have also supported the career growth of 23 underprivileged students with the amount of Rs.4,45,254/- (Four lakhs forty-five thousand two hundred and fifty-four) from colleges all over Maharashtra in the year 2019-20.

Recently, the Resourceful Education Foundation has helped 34 underprivileged students of Prof. Ramakrishna More College, Pune with an amount of 2,86,900/- (Two lakhs eighty-six thousand nine hundred). We have embarked on an ambitious plan to support one thousand underprivileged students for the upcoming academic year.
The Resourceful Education Foundation is surging ahead winning battles for the underprivileged students in the educational field. The REF professionals are treading on a path strewn with hurdles.
The funds are essential in supporting deserving underprivileged students which is crucial for the existence of our NGO. The Resourceful Education Foundation seeks help from all responsible citizens and corporates of our country. The NGO endeavours to make the underprivileged students emerge as strong pillars of our nation.

ET was the telecast partner at the World CSR Day Congress and Awards with all events conceptualised and organized solely by Fun & Joy At Work.

Mr Amarpal Singh, Founder/CEO, Resourceful Education Foundation with Mr Rajesh D’silva receiving the trophy along with Mr Arindam Singh (receiving the citation) for helping underprivileged students for higher education at Taj Lands End, Bandra, Mumbai on 18th Feb 2020.


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